I’ve been busy!

I’ve been busy creating some exciting work for the NHS in the last couple of months. The brief was to create an engaging digital learning solution for new member’s of staff who need to learn about how internal information is governed and how data is protected and secured. The learning needed to be interactive and fun, while still focusing on the important issues faced by the public sector. Attention was drawn to how information governance and security applies to the individual staff member, depending on which department they work in and how much information or data they have access to. This allowed a bespoke learning experience to be created for each learner, depending on the information they selected.

Bespoke navigation was used to increase learner attention and engagement. Game elements were added to create an immersive learning experience. Learners can collected points, and complete all parts of the navigation graphic before moving on to a “test your knowledge” quiz.

Here’s a small preview:


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