About Me

I am a Digital Learning Consultant with 9 years experience designing  and developing creative and engaging digital learning solutions and strategies for businesses DSC_02421and academic institutions.  I firmly believe that an engaging user experience is the most important aspect of effective and successful digital learning solutions, which results in retained and implemented knowledge and behaviours.  I use a variety of learning theories to support the instructional design process to ensure that your learners get the most out of their online experience. If your digital learning requirements are for staff, my learning solutions will ensure that they retain what they have learnt, and put it into practice in the workplace. I can help you write a full digital learning strategy for your organisation to implement a variety of programmes with your staff, working with your internal Learning and Development and Organisation Development teams to help implement this strategy over a longer time period.

My digital learning solutions have been subject to a variety of quality inspections, including national exam boards and OFSTED.

I have previously taught and trained in colleges, and have combined this with my web development and graphic design experience to become a digital learning developer and consultant.  Previous clients and employers include Morrisons, Learn Direct, EDF Energy, Newcastle College Group and Gloucestershire College. I currently work for the Business Services Authority as an eLearning Consultant.

I studied a Masters degree in Interactive Media at the University of Gloucestershire, and completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.

I currently live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. When I’m not working on exciting projects, I can be found walking in the countryside, helping out at the local theatre, chatting about fashion on Twitter, and enjoying evenings out with friends.

Want to get in touch?  You can contact me here.

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